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IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Final Rus

IBM Lotus Symphony 3.0 Final Rus

IBM Lotus Symphony - это полнофункциональный бесплатный набор офисных приложений для создания, редактирования и коллективного использования текстов, электронных таблиц, презентаций и других документов.

Компания IBM объявила о выпуске нового открытого офисного пакета Lotus Symphony. Lotus Symphony позволяет делать документы, электронные таблицы и презентации с организацией совместного доступа и групповой работы над ними.

Офисный пакет основан на кодовой базе OpenOffice.org и Eclipse Rich Client Platform и состоит из трех составных частей: Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets и Lotus Symphony Presentations. В пакете имеется поддержка всех популярных форматов офисных документов, включая doc, OOXML (Microsoft Office) и ODF (Open Document Format).

What's New in This Release:

New Features
* VBA scripts support
* ODF 1.2 standard support
* Office 2007 OLE support
* Brand new sidebars containing enriched property sections and panels across different editors, with support of sidebar panel management to show or hide sidebar panels
* Ability to customize toolbar content and layout
* Ability to create new business cards and labels
* Ability to insert OLE, audio and video files
* Master document support
* Support of Live Text
* Enabled file encryption and password protection with Microsoft Word and Excel files
* Support for "Open in new window". Users can use Command+~ on Mac OS and Alt + Tab on XP/Vista to switch windows
* New clip art gallery
* More template files
* Support of VML images in OOXML files
* Support of more parameters for protecting spreadsheet files and sheets in VBA API
* Support of separate downloads of spell check dictionary addons for 22 languages for Windows OS users
* Support of same build re-installation in silent mode on Windows
* Support of online check of new product updates

* Better graphic object rendering through improved anti-aliasing
* Refined main menu and toolbar design for better usability and consistency across editors
* Ability to open a file by dragging and dropping it to a tab or empty workbench
* Better usability during the operation of dragging graphic objects
* Enhanced the usability in manipulating color property with new color picker controls
* Enabled new progress bar to launch and load/save files
* Enabled memorizing user file paths when inserting objects into file
* Added one click link to LotusLive website on homepage
* Improved accessibility support for graphic objects in files and help
* Various additional user experience enhancements
* Significant enhancement in online help content and structure

Document editor
New Features
* Enabled native nested tables support.
* Enabled multi-page view layout support.
* Support of Auto Text
* More fields support
* Custom properties
* Outline levels within paragraph

* Enhanced PDF export support.
* Improved document notes function.
* Enhancements in supporting much more types of fields in documents.
* Ability to select rectangle region of text in document editor.
* Ability to set bullets and numbering in multiple table cells at a time.
* Document header and footer function enhancements and usability improvements
* Enhanced the interoperability with MS Word documents that contains page grid layout content

Spreadsheet editor
New Features
* Extended maximum number of columns from 256 to 1024.
* Sheet specific zoom support.
* Text to column value convert support.
* Detective function.
* Solve equations and solver.
* "What if" function.
* Inline array constants in formulas.
* Dynamic ranges in validation lists.
* More formulas.

* Improved sort and formula performance.
* Enhancement in moving rows or columns easily through dragging column headers.
* Ability to select multiple sheets.
* Formula hot hints.
* Flexible source range selection
* Enabled multiple calculation in one sheet of the Lotus Spreadsheet editor, including mixed sort and filter, as well as multiple sort areas.
* Enabled sorting instant filters in Lotus Spreadsheet
* Enhanced functionality and usability in "import data from external file" function
* Enhanced the support of auto selection in files with built-in database ranges

Presentation editor
New Features
* Multi-monitor display support.
* More presentation animation effects.
* More page layouts.
* More drawing objects.
* More fontwork.
* Support of copy and paste pages or objects together with animation effects.

* Significantly improved user experience in managing and using templates.
* Enhancement in slide show effect through hardware acceleration for graphics.
* Improved crop feature.
* Support of switching between four different views in presentation by clicking tabs at the bottom of the screen.
* Disabled Autosave during Lotus Presentation slide show to avoid the unexpected interruption
* Enhanced the Presentation text objects undo and redo function

New Features
* Significantly improved chart experience through new chart engine.

* New chart creation wizard.
* Many newly added formatting options.
* More chart types: Column and Line, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid...

Symphony 1.3 features disabled in Symphony 3 releases
* Ability to import SmartSuite files.
* Freehand table.
* Presentation print preview.
* Ability to create new XForm document
* Connector support in document editor

Релиз выпущен: 2010
ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Язык интерфейса: русский
Лекарство: не требуется (Freeware)

Размер / Size: 273.8 Mb
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